Shopping information

Is your jewelry handmade?

All jewelry is handmade and that makes it unique! This is the reason there may be slight variations from the model in the photo.

Can the dimension of a jewelry vary from order to order?

Yes! They may slightly vary from jewelry to jewelry because they are handmade.

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum order value is 100€ not including VAT and Shipping cost.

Do prices include VAT and/or shipping cost?

Prices listed on the website are VAT exlusive.
Shipping cost is calculated at the end of the checkout process if order is made through our site.
If you make your order through an email we will notify you for the shipping cost.

Shipping, Payments and Returns information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

For now we only accept bank deposits.
You can deposit money in the following Alpha Bank account, marking as payment etiology your full name and your order number.
Name: Anna Karageorgopoulou
Alpha Bank
No. Account: 478 00 2002 008 728
IBAN: GR 040 140 4780 4780 0200 2008 728
After the deposit please send us an e-mail with the payment receipt or your details and payment code.

When can I return a product?

The customer has the right to return products purchased from this online store without paying for shipping in the following cases:
1. If by our fault we sold the wrong product (false order, pricing, shipping etc.). In this case, the customer may request a refund. Returned products must be in original packaging, excellent condition, sealed and with no damage.
2. If by our fault we sold poor quality products (destroyed during transport, poor packaging etc.). In this case, the client should not accept delivery of the product and immediately communicate with the online store. If the customer accepts the delivery of the product, “aneli jewels” will not accept any refunds. Also, if the customer will not return the damaged product there will not be a refund and he will have to make a new order. All product should be returned in the same condition they were delivered.

What is the shipping methods?

Shipment of products is made either by the Greek Post (ELTA) or by courier in Greece and exclusively by Hellenic Post (as “registered”) in other countries.